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How to Use a trustable Link-Building Agency for Quality Backlinks and Increasing SERP

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Backlinks are not created equally. The notion that any inbound connection considers how to obtain backlinks is deceptive. To improve your site’s search visibility and rating, the website that links to you must be an authoritative site that Google trusts.


Building backlinks takes effort, but the benefits are worth it regarding where you rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). According to research backed by Google, links are among the top three factors in search engine rankings. Despite their importance, backlinks are still challenging to obtain.

What are these Backlinks?

Any page on your website may target links from other websites, giving you a virtual vote with Google and other search engines. Your SERP ranking rises the more votes you receive.

The significance of connection building

Search engines can detect your site’s relevance if it has reliable website backlinks. Your target audience may never find you among the search result pages if there is no external validation of your website’s authority on a particular subject.

Search engines give content a higher SERP ranking when several websites connect to the same webpage or website. Having said that, while having links pointing to your content from various websites is a goal worth pursuing, changes to Google’s algorithm now give more weight to the quality of those links than the quantity.

The visibility of your website can suffer from following harmful backlink-building recommendations. You must abide by these nine backlink requirements if you want Google’s favour.

Steer clear of acquiring too many backlinks too soon

The first rule may seem paradoxical, but obtaining too many backlinks too rapidly may result in Google penalties. The search engines won’t have time to recognize your site as reliable if the links are all made at once. Your site won’t fly to the top of the SERP; instead, it will receive penalties and become even more challenging to find for potential buyers.

Generate natural backlinks

Because Google’s algorithm is now so sophisticated, it can usually detect link strategies that aim to elevate a website above other websites in search results. To put it another way, use caution while purchasing backlinks. While you may join a paid directory with links back to your website, paying website owners to stuff their sites with keywords as anchor text to boost your SERP is not acceptable.

Steer clear of backlinks from shady websites

The web has some “bad neighborhoods,” according to Google. Websites with spam, an excessive number of external links, or information that doesn’t seem to add value can be found in the “bad neighborhoods.”

You want backlinks from domain-authority-rich websites. These are the websites that Google has examined and approved as reliable. Linking to reputable websites increases your domain authority, which raises your worth in Google’s results. Receiving backlinks from more established websites than recently launched ones is also more advantageous.

Be consistent when constructing backlinks

Google considers if the growth of your backlinks is consistent with how it would occur naturally in the tech industry. Building lots of backlinks and letting them sit idle for months is not how links are created with frequently updated content. To demonstrate consistent growth in your link authority, build backlinks over time.

Create deep linking

If all of your backlinks point to your homepage, Google will start sending you warning signals. Your links should be connected to particular, pertinent material as you construct them. External websites should naturally link to the subpages of your website. They will offer in-depth information on a specific subject that your site cannot. The backlinks must point to content other websites desire to use as references for the connections to appear natural. Multiple pages on your site receiving backlinks increases the strength of your SERP.

Create backlinks from different sources

Your website shouldn’t only receive backlinks from other websites. The number of Tweets linked to a page can affect where it appears in Google’s search results. Additionally, Facebook shares are more potent than “likes” and are read similarly to backlinks. By obtaining connections from social media, blogs, photos, and other sources, you may diversify your strategy and increase your authority with Google.

Encourage your fans and followers to share your material when you submit it to social media sites because this will enhance search results more quickly than a simple thumbs-up.

Take some particular keywords for your anchor text.

Daily news, Google can detect keyword stuffing, which involves cramming articles with phrases artificially to increase SERP rankings. However, the search engine seeks content with a more organic keyword development. 


So that no two hyperlinks to the same page are the same, the anchor text choice should be natural. To prevent creating an unnatural backlink profile, experiment with different keyword variations.

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