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Most of the cases clients send their won article We will charge only posting fees, but unfortunately, if we provide the content will send request to you to review the content before it’s posted. This is often so because we would like to stay our processes streamlined, maintain our fast turnaround times, keep our costs down and pass these savings onto our clients.
Yes, our guest post outreach strategy is absolutely safe and gets you effective results by securing powerful and natural white hat links manually from real authority sites. The blog posts are not only written in a natural way but also offer true value to the readers. Moreover, these are much more than spam content designed solely for getting links. Our bloggers do not settle for anything that does not deliver value to the readers.
Yes, you can if you wish to. However, our content outreach team will review it to ensure that it meets the quality standards which are required by our partners for publishing it to their blogs. Also, if you do plan to write your content, please have it ready before you place your order to prevent delays.
Yes, you can. It is possible to choose any quantity you want while placing the order. You can even mix your word count and DA requirements. Simply enter your target URLs and anchor text for each line and you are good to go.
After we will submit the live links, you’ll pay via PAYPAL/Razorpay A/c.
We guarantee the link is going to be placed on the location you wished. If not, you owe us nothing and your payment is returned fully otherwise you can replace it with a different site.
In the unlikely event that your guest post goes down, we guarantee to urge it fixed or replaced. As we don’t own or manage the sites we post on, we can’t 100% guarantee posts will never go down, but we’ll perform periodic checks on your links.
A niche is where you reside . It’s the idea for everything you are doing on your blog. Often people will tell you that you simply got to “find” your blog’s niche. What this suggests is that you simply got to start with a broad topic that you’re passionate and intimate , then narrow down that topic to a really detailed point.

Let’s say you wish to cook. Okay, start thereupon and narrow it down. vegetarian diets, all right, but how can we get deeper? Vegan diets, there we go! Now we’re at the guts of the subject a really “> during a place where you’ll cater to a very specific subset of individuals . That’s your niche.
Absolutely! The methods by which you create money blogging are an equivalent method that massive corporations and corporations are doing since the dawn of business. Things like advertising, product sales, and affiliate programs are all real ways in which companies make money.

Nothing is stopping you from using equivalent tactics, they aren’t exclusive to massive corporations, anyone can sell ad space or join an affiliate program goodbye as they own the web site , which is true once you self-host your blog.

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We are a full-service publisher dedicated to helping you and your client build an author brand and promote online for long-term success.

Here’s just a taste of what we offer:

Guest posting
Link Building, Web Development
Formatting and publishing for eBooks
Content Marketing

You can send your site via email with a particular excel sheet. Our team will check it and allow you to know within 3 to five business days.
Yes. If you outsource three or more clients for a test trial, we’ll be happy to supply a tenth discount on the entire monthly retainer price.
You only accept PayPal/Razorpay. After publishing the post you’ll send me the live links with Invoice via PayPal and obtain it within 7 Days.
We are the license holder software. We also affect the industry’s leading tools. We aren’t restricted to one tool. Rather, we analyze and determine which tool will be suitable for that project. Don’t worry, we are getting to use the simplest software for your project.

We also give our clients information about the tools that we use. If you would like an equivalent , drop us an email. We’ll be happy to serve you.

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